CES Slide Show: Great Images From Day One

PC World came, fought the crowds, and found some great gear on day one of the Consumer Electronics Show. Here is a look at just some of the stuff we have found so far.

Meet the 3G Palm Pre

Palm is ready to challenge Apple and BlackBerry for dominance--and design cred--with its upcoming Pre smart phone. The sleek, curved handset will pack in a 3.1-inch multi-touch screen, a sliding QWERTY keyboard, support for Wi-Fi and the 3G EvDO network, built-in GPS, and a 3-megapixel camera. The Pre will run Palm's new Web OS--also announced today--which is designed to offer easy access to all the mobile tools you need for work and play.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3

Is it a digital camera or an iPod? That's what the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 may have you asking. This 10.1-megapixel camera features one-click access to sharing sites like YouTube and Shutterfly, and comes with a 3.5-inch touch screen, 4GB of flash memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, a Web browser, and multimedia playback. Take that, Apple.

Samsung's Laptop-Friendly Monitors

If your laptop screen doesn't offer enough visual real estate, Samsung's new laptop-friendly monitors could be just the thing you need. These monitors use a picture-frame-style stand, rather than a traditional one, so they can sit right on your desk-- flush with the existing display on your laptop. You can even push and pull on the monitor to adjust its angle, just as you do with your laptop display.

TomTom Go 740 GPS Comes Calling

TomTom is the latest GPS maker to roll out a connected GPS device. The TomTom Go 740 Live, coming this spring, will feature built-in cellular connectivity for access to a slew of services, including Google local searches, fuel prices, weather reports, and a buddy locator. TomTom says it will cost $499 at launch; that price includes one year of the connected services.

Nokia E63 Coming to America

Buying an unlocked cell phone can free you from the confines of a carrier's service contract, but you usually pay a steep price for that convenience. But that's not so with the Nokia E63, coming soon to the U.S. The phone--which is similar in many ways to the Nokia E71--will be available in an unlocked version for just $249.

Blu-ray Player Goes Portable

If you love your high-definition movies, don't leave them at home anymore: Panasonic has announced the first portable Blu-ray Player. Coming this spring, Panasonic's DMP-B15 features an 8.9-inch WSVGA (1024 by 600) screen, support for BD-Live content, and a 3-hour rechargeable battery. It also includes an HDMI port so it can connect

Dell's Slick Studio Laptops

Style meets substance in Dell's new Studio XPS 16 and Studio XPS 13. These multimedia laptop packs in some nice design touches (like leather trim and a backlit keyboard) with plenty of tools that will help you stay productive and entertained. We received a review unit of the XPS 16, so were able to put that one through its paces.

Cool Casio Cameras

A camera with a high-speed burst mode can do some cool things, like capture super-slow-motion clips and photos that freeze the action just as a baseball hits a bat or a droplet splashes into a glass of milk. But in the past, most of these cameras were a bit bulky. Not anymore: Casio has unveiled two compact cameras--the Exilim EX-FC100 and the Exilim EX-F1--that pack high-speed burst modes into their svelte frames. And those aren't the only new Casio cameras on display here at CES: The company also is showing models that come with some of the most advanced in-camera editing tools we've seen.

Is That a Walkman or an iPod Touch?

Sony's new Walkman X-Series sports a 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen display and includes WiFi for downloading podcasts, streaming video from YouTube, and more. The X Series will be available early this summer in 16 GB and 32 GB capacities, with pricing yet to be determined.

A Sexy New Notebook From Sony

Sony's superslim P-series computer packs an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM. Weighing 1.4 pounds and measuring about 1 inch thick, the $899 pint-size PC can slide into a coat pocket. Inside are a 60GB hard-disk drive (you can invest in a 64GB or 128GB solid-state drive if you prefer), a battery that promises 4 hours battery life (8 hours with the optional battery upgrade), 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Qualcomm's Gobi chip set for wireless broadband. Additionally, Sony plans to have this machine run Windows Vista Basic rather than Windows XP.

Sony Enters the Pocket-Camcorder Ring

Sony's "Webbie HD" camcorders are part of a new line of easy-to-use, pocketable, YouTube-friendly camcorders that looks to be Sony's answer to the Flip Mino HD. Two well-priced versions with some nice features will be available this year.

Asus Eee Keyboard, Mouse With Touch-Screen

Asustek's Eee Keyboard has a built-in computer and 5-inch touchscreen. The keyboard was made to connect to any device with a display screen, from a monitor or an LCD TV to a digital projector. It also has its own 5-inch screen to the right of the keypad.

Asustek also unveiled a netbook with a swivel screen.

Samsung's Luxia Line of LED-Backlit HDTVs

The Luxia line of LED TVs from Samsung focuses on high quality display, energy efficient technology and ultra-thin design. All models have an enhanced version of Samsung's signature Touch of Color image display, producing high contrast ratios, a full range of colors and crystal clear detail.

The LNXXB8000 model has next-generation Auto Motion Plus 240Hz frame interpolation technology, which delivers a fast 240 Hz refresh rate--four times the rate of conventional LCDs. (HDTVs with 240 Hz refresh rates also were announced by LG Electronics this week.) The 8000 will be available in the first half 2009 in 46-inch and 55-inch class sizes.

Sony's Flexible OLED

Sony has brought to CES a flexible color OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen that could be seen in future, highly portable electronics devices. The screen, dubbed "Flex OLED" by Sony, is just a few inches across, is manufactured on a thin sheet of plastic and can be gently bent while it's showing video. At last year's CES Sony launched the industry's first OLED television , the 11-inch XEL-1 that costs about $2,500.

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