Top 10 Viral Comedy Videos of 2008

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2. Frozen Grand Central

A grand stunt at Grand Central Station captures the second-highest spot on our list. Public performance group Improv Everywhere convinced 200 people to walk into the New York hotspot and freeze in place, thoroughly confusing all of the regular passers-by.

This bold bit of nonperformance art garnered a round of applause and an international vote of approval, with more than 14.5 million views over the year.

1. Pojemna Paszcza

A guy with a seriously gigantic mouth won the world over, collecting more than 16.7 million views and the distinction of being 2008's hottest viral comedy video. "Pojemna Paszcza" simply shows the man opening his massive piehole, stuffing some sort of sandwich into it, then flapping his lips around in a startling and truly disturbing display.

So a big mouth ends another big year for viral comedy videos. If you're feeling nostalgic for "Numa Numa," "Chocolate Rain," and the other Internet superstars of years past, fear not. We recently caught up with some of the Net's best-known sensations to see what they've been up to since their 15 minutes of fame expired. Click over to "A Decade of Internet Superstars: Where Are They Now?" for a trip down random-access memory lane.

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