Top 10 Viral Comedy Videos of 2008

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6. Smosh: Beef 'n Go

A phony commercial for a liquidized beef product was just what the world craved in 2008. The number 6 spot on the year's popularity chart goes to "Beef 'n Go," the tasty ad created by video humor site Smosh. The commercial spoof was received so enthusiastically that it spin off its own follow-up video featuring a full Beef 'n Go theme song.

With just over 12 million views, the guys from Smosh answered the long-standing question: Where's the beef? (It's in a plastic tube. Yum.)

5. Fred Loses His Meds

Whether or not you can comprehend the reason for his popularity (for what it's worth, I can't), the squeaky-voiced character "Fred" is one of 2008's biggest breakout Internet stars. In "Fred Loses His Meds"--which attracted nearly 12.2 million views--the little guy forgets to take his medication and goes a bit haywire. (He's evidently supposed to be six years old.)

The real brilliance behind Fred may be the campaign's marketing success. The videos, people soon figured out, were sponsored by Zipit Wireless. Turns out that this pseudo-celebrity is actually a spokesperson.

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