Photo Contest: Hot Pics for September

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus took these shots.

9/1/08 Hot Pic: "Mount St. Helens," by Terry Craig, Port Orchard, Washington

Terry took this photo at Mt. St. Helens using a Canon S60.

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9/8/08 Hot Pic: "Let There Be Light," by Howard Meyer, Plymouth, Michiga

Howard writes: "I used a wide-angle 18mm lens and exposed the shot for 2 seconds. The fireworks were set off on the fourth hole of a local golf course... I found the processing to be a challenge because the fireworks were grossly overexposed, and the landscape was underexposed. I found the Recovery and Fill Light tools in Adobe Lightroom to be indispensible.

9/15/08 Hot Pic: "Berry Red," by Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld, Portland, Maine

Cynthia writes: "I liked your recent column on freezing water. I waited until early afternoon, and then set up my shot on a picnic table with a red paper background clothes-pinned to a chair behind it. I set the camera on a tripod, framed the shot at 80 mm, f/13 and 1/1000 of a second and set the focus manually... I used my infrared wireless remote to practice dropping the strawberry into the water to get the most spectacular splashes."

9/22/08 Hot Pic: "Covered in Pollen," by Joe Kelty, Louisville, Kentucky

Joe writes: "There were hundreds of bees swarming around my neighbor's tree, so I decided to see what I could capture. I own a Kodak Z612, and for this photo I used the camera's macro mode."

9/30/08 Hot Pic: "The Catch" by Amotz Zakai, Los Angeles

Amotz writes: "I shot this at a pool party with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel using an 80mm lens. I took a bunch of pictures looking for the right shutter speed until I took this one at 1000/second."

9/1/08 Runner-Up: "Spadina Streetcar," by Binh Tran, Toronto

Binh captured this motion shot of a passing train in downtown Toronto. He exposed the shot for about 8 seconds. To minimize the camera shake from depressing the shutter button, he triggered the shot using the camera's self-timer.

9/8/08 Runner-Up: "Thunder Rolls," by Les Rhoades, Dulles, Virginia

Les writes: "A couple of weeks ago, I was riding a motorcycle around Lake Thun [in Switzerland]. I had just been hit by a passing rain storm, and as I looked across the lake at the famous pyramid-shaped Niesen Mountain, I could see another front pushing over the top. ... I used a Canon 40D and a tripod to keep the camera steady with my heavy 28-300 zoom lens. I also had a circular polarizer mounted."

9/15/08 Runner-Up: "Sky's End," by Jeff Clough, Brighton, Colorado

Jeff writes: "This is a composite image that combines a daytime picture of the mountain and a time exposure of the nighttime sky. The night shot was exposed for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I merged the two shots and erased the night time mountain image. I was even fortunate to get a streaking meteor in the photo."

9/22/08 Runner-Up: "Newfound Lake," by Mike Orland, Seal Beach, California

Mike took this photo of Newfound Lake in Bristol, New Hampshire while on vacation. He used a Canon Digital Rebel XTI with an 18-55mm lens.

9/30/08 Runner-Up: "Close-Up in Green," by Jocelyn Grace Hyers, Blackshear, Georgia

Jocelyn writes: "I had just received my Fuji Finepix S700 for my birthday, and I was out in my flower garden snapping photos of insects and frogs. This American Green Tree Frog was more than willing to sit through several shots."

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