Photo Contest: Hot Pics for July

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus took these shots; read Dave's August 5 column for the Hot Pic of the Month winner.

7/1 Hot Pic: "Ancient Shores," by Neil Shapiro, Niskayuna, New York

Neal says that he took this photo near the Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island. He used a Nikon D80, mounted on a tripod, with neutral density filter on the front of an ultra wide angle Sigma 10-20mm lens.

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7/7 Hot Pic: "Brooklyn Bridge," by Paul Corcoran, New York

Paul writes: "The clouds are the main reason I took the photo. They almost look like they were painted onto the background, making the bridge look 3D." Paul used a Nikon D300.

7/14 Hot Pic: "California Poppy," by Anatoly Ostretsov, Pacific Grove, Calfornia

Anatoly writes: "I took this picture of a California poppy with my Sony DSC-R1 in my backyard. I cropped the original image to focus almost exclusively on the orange color."

7/21 Hot Pic: "Wasp Drinking Water," by Richard Mudd, Brooksville, Florida

Richard writes: "The weather here has been very dry, and insects and wild animals have been getting moisture from wherever they can. I had the sprinkler on for my zinnias, and I captured this photo when a few bees and wasps came to enjoy the water."

7/28 Hot Pic: "Kissing Cousins," by Arnold Dubin, Indialantic, Florida

Arnold writes: "I took this photo at the Viera Wetlands in Florida early in the morning. I mounted my Nikon D200 on a tripod and used a 500mm lens and a 1.4X teleconverter."

7/1 Runner-Up: "Turned," by Mary E. McCabe, Manor, Texas

Mary writes: "I took this photo of Texas Red Oak leaves in my backyard. The leaves were green, so I fiddled with the color and texture in Photoshop." Mary used a Nikon D80, with an 18-200mm lens.

7/7 Runner-Up: "Maine Fog," by Brad Smith, Secaucus, New Jersey

Brad writes: "'Maine Fog' is a three-frame high-dynamic range composite shot that I captured in the fog, before just before sunrise, in Rockland Harbor Maine....There was such a lack of color that I decided to transform the image into black and white."

7/14 Runner-Up: "Emblazon," by Christine Bowman, Scottsdale, Arizona

Christine says she captured this sunset from a beach in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, with her Nikon D80.

7/21 Runner-Up: "Morning Dew," by Father Brian Cavanaugh, Steubenville, Ohio

Cavanaugh took this photo on the grounds of Franciscan University: "Our campus landscaper has a flower bed in a back field where I took a photo of a beautiful purple iris, and just to the right of it I noticed this interesting flower glistening with the morning dew."

7/28 Runner-Up: "Sunshine on Earth," by Whitney MacEachern, New Waterford, Nova Scotia

Whitney writes: "I pass by this spot almost every day. Most people hate dandelions and call them weeds, but I love them. I feel that they are miniature reflections of the sun."

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