Photo Contest: Hot Pics for May

Subscribers to Dave Johnson's Digital Focus took these shots; read Dave's June 2nd column for the Hot Pic of the Month winner.

5/5/08 Hot Pic: "Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg," by Mike Lynaugh, Richmond, Virginia

Mike writes: "If you have ever been to Gettysburg, you will notice that they do not light the monuments at night. I used a technique called 'Painting with Light' to illuminate the monument with an ordinary $99 flash. In this case, I used a seven-minute exposure with my camera on my tripod, as I walked around the monument firing the flash all over the structure to get the effect I wanted."

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5/12/08 Hot Pic: This week's Hot Pic: "Boats in Jaffa Harbor," by Yurika Golin, New York

Yurika says: "I took this photo on a recent visit to Israel and just got lucky with the sunset lighting. I used a Sony Cybershot DSC-T100 and I could not for the life of me get a better shot even with my much more expensive Canon 30D!"

5/19/08 Hot Pic: "Night Launch," by Russ Fortson, Houston, Texas

Russ writes: "I took this shot of the launch of STS-123 with my Pentax K20D and a Pentax 50-135 zoom lens. I had set the lens around 50mm to get part of the crowd into the shot. I think they give it more of an 'event' feel, versus the typical journalistic shot of a shuttle launch."

5/26/08 Hot Pic: "Horseshoe Bend Overlook," by Kristy Cannon, Las Vegas, Nevada

Kristy writes: "I took this photo while on vacation last summer near Page, Arizona. On this particular day, it was magic hour and a small thunderstorm was brewing about 10 to 15 miles away. I set up quickly--while trying to keep my knees from knocking at the edge of this cliff face, which drops off to over 1000 feet below." (Kristy used an Olympus Evolt-E410 DSLR and a Zuiko 7-14mm ultra wide angle lens.)

5/5/08 Runner-Up: "Bringing Home Dinner," by Dave Lake, Clinton, Utah

Dave writes: "I took this photo at Farmington Bay, Utah, where every winter the parks services poisons the carp to help the eagles eat as part of Utah's wildlife preserve program. I used a Canon EOS 20D with a 400mm lens, pushed to 800mm thanks to a 2X extender."

5/12/08 Runner-Up: This week's runner-up: "Sunrise Silhouettes," by Alex Roubo, Limington, Maine

Alex writes: "As I was traveling along the New York throughway, I saw this eerie sunrise scene out of my car window. As I looked skyward, it looked as if I was under water. I grabbed my Sony H1 and quickly snapped this photo."

5/19/08 Runner-Up: "Door Knob," by Bob Rowlands, Hollister, California

Bob says that he captured this door knob in Bodie, California, a ghost town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

5/26/08 Runner-Up: "Roswell Plain," by Robert Bartram, Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Robert says that he took this photo about 25 miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico while standing on top of an SUV. He used a Canon Rebel XTi.

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