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Hackers have hit Scientology's Web site, knocking it offline with a distributed denial-of-service attack, and the hits keep on coming. Some readers applaud the hackers for what they've done, and others think it brings more attention to Scientology. Join the interesting discussion going on (and please remember to keep it civil and respectful).

Are HD DVD price cuts just prolonging the agony of a losing format? Some readers say yes, some say no, and some take issue with remarks about Microsoft's Xbox 360's HD capabilities. Tell us what you think about the latest news in the format wars.

PC World is seeking your questions on mobile device security. Do you have a question about how to keep your laptop, cell phone, PDA, or other gadget safe while you travel or commute? Post your questions and they could be answered on an upcoming PC World webcast.

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Hackers Hit Scientology With Online Attack

joxearkaitz says: I want to thank those hackers for all the publicity they are giving Scientology for free. More people than ever are now interested in finding what Scientology is really about. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Deadissident says: I want to thank the hackers for creating enough interest in Scientology to make people watch Tom Cruise. Once they see that video they will realize how whacked out these people are.

Terryeo says: Anonymous plays right into the design Ron Hubbard created. First by stealing a video, then by pasting it up on the Internet, Anonymous performs precisely as Hubbard predicted. That prediction comes from Hubbard's published words.

Keiro says: Well, when I looked at the Scientology site, I had quite a violent reaction to it. Why, I don't know. ... Man, Scientology and Anonymous fighting it out like this, this has gotta be epic.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Gartner: HD DVD Price Cuts Only Prolong Agony

dishcandanty says: I don't think they ever should have started a war over formats. This just causes problems because people don't want to buy something they aren't sure is going to be around in a couple of years. Not to mention the cost of customers buying HD DVD players only to find out it isn't going be around much longer.

Ragexeon says: There's actually no reason that Microsoft needs to switch formats for high-definition games. What the author should've said is that Microsoft would need to change formats to allow users to play Blu-ray high-definition movies. There is plenty of precedent for game consoles using "nonstandard" formats for games.

AmyChaser says: The idea that the Xbox 360 will need to switch to a Blu-ray Disc drive to play games is just flat-out incorrect. The add-on HD DVD drive is simply an accessory that allows HD DVD movie playback. The Xbox 360 has offered high-def gaming since day one of release without the need for a high-def drive, let alone a switch to Blu-ray.

Richard233 says: The only way they can save the format is to cut the prices, significantly on the media. One of the things that made VHS beat Beta was that it was less expensive. If you cut the price for the movies, that will encourage people to buy HD DVD--and if you get enough volume, the costs drop, etc. You need to hit a critical mass to make it work.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

Community: Securing Your Laptop and Mobile Devices

PC World is looking for your questions on how to secure your portable devices (laptops, cell phones, PDAs, etc). Post your questions here, and they could be answered in an upcoming PC World webcast.

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