Controversies Abound: Warner and Blu-ray; Intel and OLPC

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At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week Warner Bros. announced that it would no longer release movies on HD DVD, but instead support the Blu-ray Disc format. Some readers declare this to mean Blu-ray has won the format war, while others hate both formats. Still others take issue with Warner making its announcement after the holiday season. What do you think? Read the report and let us know.

Intel has resigned from the OLPC board of directors, but OLPC President Walter Bender says he won't miss Intel. Some readers think that Bender's remarks were unprofessional, while others disgusted by Intel's behavior. What's your take? Join the discussion.

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Warner's Blu-ray Endorsement Boosts the Buzz at CES

AZMac says: Sony needs to be on the winning side with Blu-ray. I'm sure Beta is still a bitter tasting memory.

Piper says: Both HD DVD and Blu-ray are hack jobs, with incomplete operating systems. Blu-rays system is so horrible that it doesn't even work for a lot of the disks produced and the OS need patches. Some of the players (both systems) will never let us use the full functionality on disks. And some disks will never fully work.

MrBlu says: Have we forgotten about all the exclusivity deals throughout the industry in favor of Blu-ray? Target expands their Blu-ray section over the holidays and only selling Blu-ray players. Blockbuster will rent only Blu-ray in their stores. BJ's Wholesale club goes Blu. I never once saw an announcement that a chain of stores or video rental company saying, "we're going full HD DVD because we think it's better." That never has or will happen.

Tsprks says: Am I the only person that has a problem with Warner waiting until after the holiday season to make this announcement? I will admit that I'm in the HD DVD camp here and this news stings quite a bit, but mostly because of the timing.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

OLPC: Won't Miss Intel's 'Half-Hearted' Laptop Effort

hunter102 says: Is it just me or do the public comments made by Bender seem childish and lacking professional discretion?

Ssurfr2819 says: I have to say both these latest comments about Intel and previous comments in the last six months are not as professional as one expects from a venture with such lofty goals. I wonder if it is because he is insecure about the mission?

Revelation 23 says: Who knows, maybe the Classmate could've been the successor to the XO, or at least helped open the way. The idea behind the XO is a good one, but I think having something that's a bit more standard fare among computers (at least having a few more features) sounds like it could benefit the OLPC program.

RDunn says: Bah, I think Intel was duplicitous and my next machine will be an AMD. Sabotaging a humanitarian effort is vile. They didn't have to kill their 'Classmate', they just needed to keep their markets separate... and commit to lowering the price point of the OLPC to what was targeted. Intel = profiteers, now for sure.

Read the posts in this thread and contribute your own opinion.

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