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Bad Day at the Keyboard

The Angry German Kid

The Angry German Kid apparently left his Webcam on as he prepared for another gaming session at the PC. Well, first the game wouldn't load properly, and the kid starts getting very angry, cursing at the computer. After the game finally loads, the kid gets offed in the game several times in quick succession, which really sends him over the edge. He continues screaming obscenities and bangs the keyboard on the desk until it breaks. It seems young Dieter needs far less sugar in his diet, and maybe some Ritalin. The performance apparently made for a very satisfying viral video, because millions of people have watched it. (Warning: This video has almost as much profanity as the Angry Winnebago Guy clip, though this time it's translated from the German.)

Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday is a graduate student from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His YouTube song and video, "Chocolate Rain," is a little odd, but strangely appealing, and became very popular very quickly in the Summer of 2007. This led to appearances on VH1's Best Week Ever show and the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. The song's not bad, and the lyrics are cool, but it's the strangeness factor (his head movements, his short body and low voice) that makes this viral video click.

The Farting Reverend

The Reverend Robert Tilton TV Ministries program was a real televangelism series based in Texas in the 1980s. On his show, Tilton talked about praying to Jesus for the growth of one's bank account and for success in business ventures. But the show was "reborn" and became a bona fide viral smash when somebody, uh, "augmented" the show's sound track. The reverend and his people, we're told, have been busily taking down these videos as fast as they appear on viral sites like YouTube; so if the embedded video below goes dark, just do a Google search for the Farting Reverend.

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