39 Ways to Put Yourself on the Web

Illustration: Mick Wiggins
The Web is not a spectator sport. Sure, you can watch videos and do countless other low-brainwave activities online, but the Web's outlets for self-expression and creativity are boundless. In fact, the medium doesn't come alive until you take advantage of the participatory Web--the sites and services that can present you and your talents to the world.

Whatever your passion--creating video, networking with friends or colleagues, blogging, running a business, making music, or publishing a novel--you're bound to find a site or service that can help you pursue your goals. While many of these services are free, others may charge from a few bucks to thousands of dollars. We'll give you our favorites in each category. And in our companion story, "Six Rising Stars on the New Web," we'll introduce you to six people who are making a living by distributing their creative efforts on the Web.

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