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Staying in Touch

BlackBerry 8800
Artwork: Chip Taylor
And every connected mom needs an updated phone. Cassavoy hopes for the BlackBerry 8800. "I never have the time to fire up my computer to check my e-mail, so having it on this device would be really handy. Plus, I love the built-in GPS."

Krenek wants to replace her aging CT10 Plantronics cordless phone with the newer CT12 model. "This thing is a multitasker's dream. Catch up with your sister while watering the garden? Check. Attend conference call while folding laundry? Check. This phone isn't just cordless, it's wearable--clip it to a pocket or your waistband, and you almost don't know it's there."

Speaking of doing odd jobs around the house, Saccio-Kent says the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner would be a welcome addition. "Steve Bass's Tips & Tweaks blog pretty much says it all."

Dads aren't the only ones who enjoy huge, flat TVs. Cassavoy would like to see Vizio's L37HDTV, a 37-inch LCD HDTV, hanging on her wall. And for her programming of choice on that new TV, she'd want to get the TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder: "I love my old Series2 TiVo, but once I get that new HDTV, I'm going to need an upgrade to the HD model."

Krenek would opt for the Sony Bravia 40-inch LCD TV. "I could get this for my husband for Father's Day and he'd think I was wife of the year, but why wait? I live on a houseboat, where space is at a premium. Added bonus: High def in time for most of the NBA playoffs."

And let's not forget convenient gadgets that make daily work/home duties easier. McGee would appreciate Neatreceipt's Scanalizer, a tool for scanning household and business receipts. "This would make it a little easier for me to keep track of expenses and to file expense reports."

Saccio-Kent would opt for the 8GB Corsair Flash Survivor GT. "Considering all of the sippy cups, snacks, and other stuff I'm always lugging around, this waterproof and rugged USB drive looks like it would survive in my handbag just fine."

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