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Let the Good Times Roll

Fun-loving moms also rate the newest game consoles high on their lists. Drawbaugh hopes for a Nintendo Wii, "a really great gift that the whole family would enjoy."

Xbox 360 Elite
Artwork: Chip Taylor
Copy Editor Kim Saccio-Kent would like either the Microsoft Xbox 360 or the Sony PlayStation 3. "I'd really like one of those shiny new game consoles with the built-in HD players--but I can't decide whether to go with Sony's Blu-ray Disc or Microsoft's HD DVD option."

Cameras, camcorders, printers, and services appear frequently on PC World moms' gift lists too. Both Cassavoy and Saccio-Kent would like the Nikon Coolpix S6 for its small size and big LCD, while Krenek would prefer the PowerShot SD 800 IS, which is small enough for a handbag but has stellar image quality and almost no shutter lag.

Drawbaugh would add the Flip Video Camcorder to her list. "It's small enough for keeping in my purse and taking video of my daughter when we're out and about."

McGee would like to receive a 4-by-6 Kodak EasyShare printer for taking along when visiting relatives or for keeping handy during birthday parties.

PC World contributor Laura Blackwell would choose an upgrade to Kodak Gallery Premier for managing all the photos of her twins. "Currently I use the free Kodak Gallery service to keep baby pictures backed up and to keep family up to speed. A $25 upgrade to the Gallery Premier service would buy me a year of the Picture Protection Plan, an insurance program that gives subscribers $500 to use at the site to re-create precious photos lost in the event of a fire or other disaster. And in the meantime, I'm using Kodak Gallery to make Mother's Day presents like baby-picture puzzles for my mom. (Please don't tell her.)"

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