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Can't come up with the perfect gift idea for Mother's Day? Here's a hint from PC World's connected moms: Forget the flowers and candy. Bring on the iPods, BlackBerrys, or game consoles.

Mothers at PC World agreed to share their wish lists this year (as an act of public service, mind you, with absolutely no intention of any spouse or offspring seeing this). Read on to find great gift ideas for the plugged-in mom in your life.

To get a closer look at some of these selections, see our Mother's Day gifts slide show. And if you're a mother with your own list of hoped-for gadgets and services, let us know what you'd most like to receive.

Music Players Are Hot

Various forms of iPods and accessories are popular picks. Senior Associate Editor Liane Cassavoy hopes for a new iPod Nano. "In case I ever get the chance to go for a jog by myself, this is the portable music player I'd like to take with me."

iPod Shuffle
Artwork: Chip Taylor
For Sue Krenek, director of business and legal affairs, a second-generation Shuffle will fill the bill. "Let's face it, eventually my Nano is going to get filled up with my 2-year-old's music. When that happens, I want a tiny second-generation Shuffle that I can clip to my workout clothes, because I'm sure I'll have time to work out again. Someday."

And a Kensington FM Transmitter & Charger for iPod Nano would make for stress-free traveling with her daughter, Krenek adds. "Loading the 2-year-old's music onto an iPod would take away the worry that we left her favorite CD in the other car. This transmitter got great reviews from our sister site Playlist, and it's at the top of my list. The fact that I could also use it to play my own tunes on the way to work has nothing--nothing--to do with why I want it."

For Single Copy Sales Director Holly Drawbaugh, a pink Shuffle with her daughter's name engraved on it tops the list. "These are supercute portable players that are great for travel. An engraving with her name would be nice to see when I'm on the road."

And, adds Drawbaugh, "an iTunes gift certificate would also be great, because I'm always buying music."

Ulla McGee, vice president for business development, is eager to get a replacement for her aging first-generation iPod. "It's not very well suited for running. A new iPod that's better suited for workouts would be nice."

All that running is helping McGee prepare for a marathon. "A tool like Garmin's Forerunner to help me train would be really cool."

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