How to Buy a Home Theater System


Movies can provide an immersive experience, as sight and sound blend together to take you to a place far, far away. For years you could get that complete escape only in a cinema, with its huge screen and monstrous speakers. Now, with a home theater, you can enjoy a full-fledged cinematic experience in your living room. This guide looks at three key components of a home theater system: the display, the DVD player, and the speakers.

The Big Picture
A wide-screen TV, a DVD player, and surround-sound speakers can turn your living room into a film-watching haven. more

The Specs Explained
You can choose from a wide variety of components to create a home theater. Bigger is not always better, however; find out how to evaluate the specs here. more

Home Theater Shopping Tips
Now that you know which components and specifications are available, you can sort through the options to set up your own customized home theater. more

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