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In a TV market where "big-screen" increasingly means "flat-panel," rear projection remains an excellent alternative if you don't require an extremely shallow profile or wall mounting.

As a matter of fact, stand-mounted plasma or LCD TVs often wind up not much slimmer than today's rear-projection models, which typically are just 11 to 18 inches deep. Plus, RPTVs often weigh less at a given screen size (only a few tip the scales at more than 100 pounds). And especially for screens larger than 50 inches, they frequently cost less. Rear-projection TVs come in multiple flavors, however; here's what you need to know to sort through the alternatives.

The Big Picture
Big doesn't necessarily mean bulky anymore. Today's microdisplay technologies--DLP, LCoS, and LCD--deliver superb high-definition pictures from cabinets much smaller and lighter than those of the CRT rear-projection TVs of yesteryear. more

The Specs Explained
We give you the lowdown on all those strange names and numbers. more

Rear-Projection TV Shopping Tips
Before you pull out your wallet, understand how to match size and technology to your needs and budget. more

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