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Q&A: Where Are My File Extensions?

After installing Jasc Paint Shop Pro, I've found that all of my .tif and .jpg image files are identified in Windows as "Paint Shop Pro images" so I can no longer tell what they are. How do I get them to appear as they really are?

--Mike Wood, Cleveland, Tennessee

By default, Microsoft Windows hides three-letter file extensions. That's supposed simplify your view, but it can be a real pain when you're trying to figure out what kind of files you've got. So I think that the easiest solution to your problem, Mike, is to make Windows display your file extensions.

Here's what to do: With Windows XP, go to the Start, Control Panel, and select Folder Options. (If your Control Panel is set to Category View, you'll find Folder Options in Appearance and Themes.) Click the View tab and find the entry called "Hide extensions for known file types." Uncheck it and click OK.

If you're using Windows 98, open Windows Explorer and select View, Folder Options. Find the entry called "Hide extensions for known file types," uncheck it, then click OK.

Now you should see the extensions so you'll know what file types you're dealing with.

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