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Q&A: Why Can't I Save JPEG Pictures From the Web?

I often need to download photos from Web pages. But when I try to save photos, the only format option that appears is .bmp, not .jpg, even if I know the picture is in JPEG format. How do I save the photo in its original format when the context menu only shows me bitmap?

--Herbert Hirsch, Amarillo, Texas

This is a really vexing problem, Herbert, and it's happened to many of my friends--but strangely, never to me. After a dozen or so people asked me about this, I did a little research and discovered that it's a known problem with Internet Explorer. In fact, the problem is documented in Microsoft's Knowledge Base.

The upshot is that this can happen to you if "a damaged program file (for example, an ActiveX or Java object) is downloaded to the Downloaded Program Files folder on your hard disk." The solution, according to the article, is simply to empty the Temporary Internet Files folder and to then delete the damaged file from your Downloaded Program Files folder. Check out the Knowledge Base article for the complete directions.

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