Belkin's Wireless Video Goes Prime Time

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  • Belkin PureAV RemoteTV

Stream content from room to room with Belkin's PureAV RemoteTV.
Stream content from room to room with Belkin's PureAV RemoteTV.
Wirelessly transmitting high-quality video and audio throughout your home can be a convoluted technical feat--and one that often produces fuzzy results. Belkin's $500 PureAV RemoteTV changes that, offering high-quality multimedia streaming that's a snap to set up. The catch: Belkin's technology may be in conflict with some copyright laws.

RemoteTV lets you take content from a cable box, a satellite receiver, a digital video recorder, or a DVD player and send it to a second TV. The package includes a transmitter and a receiver; and in my test of a preproduction RemoteTV system, I streamed the DVD of Kill Bill, Volume 2 about 200 feet (and through several walls) to a second TV with no problems.

The playback quality was superb, although there is a downside to the setup: Whatever is being viewed in the first room trumps what anyone else wants to watch.

Because of copyright laws, a person can't legally stream a DVD from one device to another over a network without a license from the DVD Copy Control Association. Belkin concedes that it has no such blessing from the DVDCCA, but it notes that RemoteTV's encryption prevents piracy.

Overall I found RemoteTV a good, easy-to-use product. Setting yourself up with a DVD player in each room may be cheaper, but if you like the idea of streaming all your content, it's a good option.

Tom Spring

Belkin PureAV RemoteTV

Setup is easy, and the wireless works well; but it might conflict with some copyrights.
Price when reviewed: $500
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At a Glance
  • Belkin PureAV RemoteTV

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