Samsung Shows 57-Inch LCD

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Samsung Electronics has developed a 57-inch liquid crystal display panel, the largest such panel in the world, the company said Thursday.

Samsung 57-inch LCD
The panel was produced on the company's new fifth-generation TFT LCD production line that began operation in September this year. The maximum size panel that can be manufactured is governed by the size of glass sheet that a production line can handle. Fifth-generation lines can accept glass up to 110 centimeters by 130 centimeters (43.3 inches by 51.2 inches), making the 57-inch panel possible, said Samsung.

There are no plans to begin mass production of the panel, which was developed mainly to demonstrate and test the technology for such size screens, said Park Sung Hae, a spokesperson for Samsung in Suwon, South Korea. The company also has yet to begin mass production of a 54-inch panel announced last year. Samsung currently offers a 46-inch panel as its largest commercial product, she said.

Technical Details

The 57-inch panel has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, which matches that required for wide-screen high-definition television. Other attributes include a 1000:1 contrast ratio, a 600-candela-per-square-meter brightness level, a maximum 8-millisecond response time, and 75 percent color reproduction.

The panel itself measures 52 inches by 30 inches, is slightly less than 2 inches thick, and weighs 47 pounds. Power consumption is 350 watts at maximum brightness.

The company did not release any pricing estimates for what such a panel might cost when or if mass production begins; however, Park said a television set based on one of its 40-inch panels costs around $5000, and panel prices are currently in the $100-per-inch range.

In October Samsung broke ground on construction of a seventh-generation LCD production line at its facility in Tangjeong, south of Seoul. The line can handle glass up to a maximum size of 73 inches by 86 inches and is expected to begin mass production in mid-2005. The line will be used by a joint venture the company plans to form with Japan's Sony.

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