Apple Offers IPod Battery Tips

Some IPod owners have complained that new-generation IPods display inaccurate battery charging data, so Apple Computer has posted a brief technical note to help.

Incorrect Indicator

"The IPod battery indicator shows, approximately, how much charge is left in the battery," Apple explains. The company's note discusses situations in which the indicator will show there is charge left in the unit, when in fact it is out of power.

Apple also explains: "The IPod battery indicator may show less than a full charge after fully charging the IPod for four hours. This does not necessarily mean anything is wrong with your IPod's battery."

Battery Check

Apple suggests users import an album of average-length songs at 160 kilobits per second, place the album on a fully charged IPod, and leave the album playing using the repeat setting until battery power expires.

"IPod (with Dock Connector) should play the album for approximately eight hours, while the (older) IPod should play the album for approximately ten hours," the company says.

Support Available

Apple has introduced in the United States an IPod AppleCare Protection Plan for both Mac and Windows users. This $59 plan extends service and support coverage for IPod and its accessories for up to two years. It offers telephone and Web-based support and repair and servicing, and is available for all IPods within their one-year warranty.

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