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mwc 2014 hola

Mobile World Congress wrap-up: 3 big trends from this year's show

Our intrepid team of reporters spent the week in Barcelona at the world's biggest mobile trade show, looking at a slew of mobile devices and services. But what topics were on everyone's mind at Mobile World Congress 2014?

oral b smartseries with bluetooth 4.0 3

Oral-B's Bluetooth toothbrush wants to clean your filthy mouth

This smart brush wants to make oral hygiene fun, with videos to entertain you and even achievement badges. But your dentist will approve of its methods too

mio alpha

Mio stays on the pulse of fitness hardware with its wrist monitors

Wrist-worn heart rate monitors with the same accuracy as a tight, uncomfortable chest strap? Be still my beating heart.

p21 dunkable

This nanotech keeps your phone safe, even after a dunk in the drink

A microscopic coating from P2i coats the electronics inside smartphones to prevent the phones from short circuiting after getting wet.

yotaphone photo 3

Meet YotaPhone, the dual-screen smartphone finally coming to the U.S.

We were impressed by YotaPhone's two-screen look at last year's Mobile World Congress. And it looks like an updated version of the phone is coming to North America by early 2015.

vbox all devices

Free the TV: VBox's DVR lets you record and watch from any device

Debuting at Mobile World Congress and arriving in the U.S. later in 2014, the V@Home TV Gateway DVR lets you watch and record live TV on multiple devices at once.


I'm Tracer GPS wearable lets you find your loved ones anywhere in the world

Coming in July, the new wrist-worn GPS locator can provide parents and caregivers peace of mind, without having to give young children a real phone.

HP Pavilion x360

Will HP’s Yoga-like Pavilion x360 get Lenovo’s chakras in a bunch?

HP unveils new convertible notebook at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Your comprehensive guide to Windows security.