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Phone Buying Guide

Smartphone buying guide 2013: Find the phone that's right for you

You're going to use it every day for the next few years. Choose wisely!

Job listing points to holiday update for Windows Phone

A job listing for a Windows Phone software engineer spills the beans about a major Windows Phone update this upcoming holiday season. Could it be the platforms first fabled "Windows Blue" release?

Windows Phone 7.8 coming next year, upsetting users

Microsoft's next OS update for Windows Phone 7 handsets won't be available until sometime in 2013.

windows phone 8

Windows Phone 7 users may soon get a cosmetic update

Those early Windows Phone 7 adopters were promised an upgrade, and indications are that it could arrive this year. The so-called Windows 7.8 OS won't have all the functions of Windows Phone 8 but it will have a revamped interface and some new features.

Nokia updates Windows Phone 8 public transport app

Nokia has launched a new version of its Transport application, which presents directions in a new way and counts down to when the bus or train will leave.

Photo by Robert Cardin

How does the iPhone 5 stack up against the competition?

Our Android expert, Armando Rodriguez, sizes up the iPhone 5 against the competition.

What the new iPhone has to live up to

With Apple likely announcing iPhone 5 likely this week, we look at the other heavyweight contenders.

Nokia launches free music service

Nokia Music is available to Windows Phone users who own Lumia handsets

5 Cool Unity games that Windows Phone 8 needs

Five platform-agnostic games that should be made available on Windows Phones post haste.

Windows Phone 7 owners won't get in-app purchases

Windows Phone 8 will get in-app purchases. Hooray! But if you own a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, you'll get left out. Boo.