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PlayStation 4 controller

PlayStation 4 sales hit 5.3 million before Japanese debut

Sony appears to be pulling ahead in the popularity horse race for next-generation gaming consoles.

Nintendo revises earnings down on weak Wii U, 3DS sales

Despite a holiday sales push, the Wii U has failed to catch on.

Nintendo cuts Wii U price, debuts 2DS handheld

Nintendo on Wednesday cut the price on its flagship game console and introduced a new portable system.


Redbox brings back free games week

Its back! Redbox is offering one day's game rental when you reserve it online, beginning next week.

TechHive E3 confessionals: Our thoughts on the biggest gaming show of the year

It's been a long E3. We spent four days learning about new video games and consoles, we put dozens of miles on our shoes, and we cranked out lots of articles and videos. Here's what we thought of this year's show.

See the biggest games of E3, right here

There are hundreds of games on display at the industry’s biggest yearly event, but none are hotter than these.

Nintendo's Super Mario 3D World: fun but what's new?

Super Mario 3D World encourages cooperation, but that’s no way to win.

Drifting down memory lane with Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 for Wii U adds a brand new mechanic to a traditional series, in a move that surprises no one.

No surprises from Nintendo at E3 2013

Nintendo's software lineup has a lot of big names, but you can't help but feel that you've seen it all before.

EA retracts Wii U snub, says it's brewing Nintendo games on the backburner

He said, she said; last week, a senior EA vice president said the publisher had nothing coming for Nintendo's Wii U. This week, the company's CFO says it does.

Play This! Podcast

Play This! Podcast: What's going on with the Wii U?

Alex and Carlos discuss the most beleaguered new console to arrive in a long time. Will the Wii U survive?