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TV on Twitter: Tweets get you to tune in and click through, study shows

According to a new survey, 92 percent of Twitter users have taken action after seeing a tweet about a TV show.

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Report: Turkey cuts off a key Twitter workaround by blocking Google DNS

There's now one less way to connect to Twitter from within Turkey, but the social network isn't yet blocked entirely.

Twitter kills its music app, which never got much play

The app, which let people follow artists and play songs, will be removed from Apple's app store Friday

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Can’t stop the tweets: Turkey tries and fails to block Twitter

Graffiti artists are spray-painting DNS addresses on Turkish walls, as citizens do everything they can to duck the Turkish government's attempted censorship of Twitter.

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Twitter's birthday celebration of first tweets proves we're all bad at Twitter at first

Every person’s first tweet was boring. That reminder might encourage new users to explore Twitter’s potential.

Twitter reportedly drops plan to encrypt direct messages

The Verge reports that Twitter’s end-to-end encryption for DMs is done—for now. Why are social networks dragging their feet on security measures?

Twitter goes down for 'most users'

Twitter acknowledges an outage for both mobile and desktop users, which was resolved shortly thereafter.


MetroTwit vanishes as Twitter restrictions claim another victim

Existing users will no longer get updates or new features, and new users? Sorry.

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Hashtags on TV: Companies turn phrases into free stuff

Chirpify is helping brands like Oreo use Twitter and TV to bring fans out of the woodwork.


Thanks to selfies, Twitter and Samsung were Oscar night’s big winners

Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres plugged the social network and smartphone maker all night long.