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Aereo getting Chromecast support on May 29

The cloud antenna/DVR service is adding another way to send its streaming video to your TV: Google's handy Chromecast stick.

Turns out most people prefer to watch TV instead of tweet about it

New research indicates all that second-screen social activity might be overblown.

House of Cards Season 2

House of Cards returns, and 6 other streaming originals hope to topple it

Amazon and Hulu are still searching for their own House of Cards—but do any of their efforts have the sizzle of Netflix's magnum opus?


GetGlue, reborn as TVTag, makes a second-screen grab

Another TV app is competing for your eyeballs, but this one could actually give Twitter a run for its money.

Super Bowl Party

Gear up for the ultimate Super Bowl party

You still have time to get your home theater in tip-top shape, plan the food and drinks, and grab an app or six to help out.

netflix post play

Netflix finally lets users disable Post-Play feature

As promised, Netflix now lets you turn off its forced auto-advancing feature when watching streaming TV shows. Huzzah, I say.

dish joey troop

Dish expands Hopper's reach beyond your living room

The satellite TV maker unveiled a slew of add-ons to its set-top box DVR, aimed at letting you watch your favorite TV shows just about anywhere.

calibratetv primary

Easily calibrate your new HDTV

Out of the box, your beautiful HDTV may not look its best. But with some simple adjustments, you can get an accurate picture with minimal effort.

lg 105 inch curved tv

CES preview: LG teases its thinner, smarter, curvier home theater gear

From a ridiculously huge 105-inch curved TV to sound bars and speakers you might actually buy, LG has a lot planned at CES next month.

the newsroom

5 awesome Blu-ray box sets for the holidays

Whether its rare foreign art, 1950’s teenage angst, or spaceships firing photon torpedoes, these boxes of Blu-ray make a great gift.