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Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick review: Big Roku experience in a downsized package

It looks like a Chromecast, but packs all the channels of a full-size Roku box...with just a couple of trade-offs.

roku streaming stick

Roku slims down the set-top box with its new Streaming Stick

The $50 Roku Streaming Stick plugs directly into an HDMI port on your TV, bringing the full Roku experience of access to 1,200 streaming channels without all those cables.

Showtime Anytime Roku channel

Showtime Anytime comes to Roku for some U.S. subscribers

Sorry, Dish Network and Comcast customers, you're not invited to the party just yet.

Roku TV home screen on a Hisense TV

Roku beats Apple to the big screen with Roku TV

The familiar interface from Roku's beloved set-top boxes is coming to a range of smart TVs from TCL and Hisense.

youtube screen 2 1024x576

YouTube finally comes to Roku

Roku's first official YouTube channel is only for Roku 3 for now, with more models possibly coming next year.


Don't spend $150 to bring Samsung's clunky smart TV experience to your set

Samsung's new $150 set-top device will turn any dumb TV smart, but there's a lot of better options out there.

Samsung's HomeSync Android TV box seems costly

The $300 Samsung HomeSync is an Android-based set-top box that acts like a big-screen extension for Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets.

Roku channels its efforts into updated hardware, new content options

Roku sets its hand for the holidays with an updated lineup of streaming set-top boxes.

Roku plans Chromecast-like features, disses Chromecast

Reports say that Roku set-top boxes will soon get DIAL support, eventually giving users a way to launch streaming videos on television from their phones or tablets.

Roku app gets updated to stream video from your Android device to your TV

No need to curse the lack of DLNA -- streaming video is on its way!