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Uber pledges commitment to safety with new $1 fee on UberX fares

The on-demand transit app will tack on $1 to UberX rides to support the costs of background checks, insurance, and other safety measures.

lyft for good

Lyft's calling cards: Pink mustaches, fist bumps, and now charity work

The sharing economy is getting a bad reputation. Lyft wants to show off its softer, friendlier side with the new Lyft for Good program.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere: Lyft offers half-priced rides with Happy Hour discounts

As competition between ride-sharing apps heats up, Lyft's latest experiment lowers prices when demand is down.

Uber and Lyft now cover drivers between rides

While drivers are looking for passengers, they are now covered by Uber and Lyft’s new insurance policies.

New Uber push notifications will let you know when surge pricing ends

Push notifications are coming to iOS users in the coming weeks.

sidecar trend spot

Sidecar tests trending feature to let you know where the cool kids are headed

Trend Spot would show users of the ride-sharing app which locations are trending in a particular city.

sidecar new

Sidecar’s new marketplace lets drivers compete for your business

Tired of Uber's surge pricing? Ride-sharing company Sidecar is encouraging drivers to set their own rates.

Lyft organizes coalition to hammer out insurance issues for ridesharing

After an Uber driver's fatal accident raised questions about ride-sharing and taxi app insurance, companies are gathering to figure out solutions.

Uber’s fare cuts won’t cancel out surge pricing’s bad press

Uber is stepping up competition with cab companies and ride-sharing apps by slashing prices on UberX, its cheapest car service.

sharingeconomy primary

Sharing startups struck it big and struck out in 2013

This year proved the sharing economy has come a long way, but has a ways to go.