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Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

Frog math, millionaires, and...The Last Guardian? This is all the gaming news that's fit to digitally archive, for the week of March 10.

Mad Catz gets its M.O.J.O. working, announces release date for micro-console

The controller manufacturer gets into the console business on December 10 for $249.

Ouya hopes Kickstarter and $1 million in cash can cure its lack of exclusive games

Ouya's new "Free the games fund" will match any funds donated to successful Kickstarter game projects, but only if the game is exclusive to the Android-based console for six months.

Review: Ouya is the little gaming console that couldn't

The $100 console that blew up on Kickstarter just isn't ready for retail.

Ouya's retail launch yields online sell-outs... and unhappy Kickstarter backers

The $100 Ouya Android console has finally made its retail launch, and it's already sold out at some of the biggest online stores—but some early Kickstarter backers have still yet to receive their promised consoles.

Nvidia thinks the handheld Shield will compete with Xbox and PS4 consoles

Nvidia's Shield is complementary to gaming consoles for now, but the company hopes that wide adoption of Android gaming ultimately could make the $349 handheld an alternative to Xbox and PlayStation.

Heck no, Ouya won't go. Even if E3 calls the cops

Ouya's rogue presence irks tradeshow organizers.

$99 Ouya game console delayed until late June

The retail launch of the Kickstarter-funded Ouya game console has been pushed back slightly to compensate for controller design woes.

$99 Ouya Android gaming console ships in March

Mobile gaming may be getting more popular by the minute, but 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the console, and it’s not just because of new boxes due out from Microsoft and Sony.

Ouya game console getting some retail love

Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and Amazon will sell the $100 Android gaming system starting in June.