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Netflix hacks up a sleep detector to pause while you snooze

Fitbit integration would keep you from having to rewind.


With Netflix deal, Comcast hangs 'Kick Me' sign on net neutrality

Now that Netflix is paying Comcast for sped-up streaming of its service, that tiered Internet that net neutrality advocates had warned us about appears to have arrived.


Comcast, Netflix reach interconnection deal

The agreement comes after Netflix publicly released data showing a decrease in streaming speeds to broadband customers


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And the nominees aren't: 10 underrated streaming films overlooked by Oscar

The Academy Awards are on March 2, and these 10 overlooked guilty pleasures will be nowhere near. You should watch 'em anyway.

netflix at home

Customers suffer slow streams while Netflix and ISPs battle over video delivery, says WSJ

ISPs like Verizon want Netflix to pay for the massive amount of video traffic flowing across its networks. But Netflix is reluctant to do so.

House of Cards Season 2

House of Cards returns, and 6 other streaming originals hope to topple it

Amazon and Hulu are still searching for their own House of Cards—but do any of their efforts have the sizzle of Netflix's magnum opus?


Netflix snags last, lost season of Star Wars: Clone Wars

The Netflix-Disney deal heats up with the streaming service's first content from the Star Wars universe.

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6 Academy Award nominees to stream on Netflix

Catch up on this year's Oscar nominees before the ceremony in March, and stream some notable winners from recent years too.

lg gflex

T-Mobile offers G-Flex for no-money down, throws in six months of Netflix

LG's Gumby phones are now available on three major carriers (sorry, Verizon).

netflix post play

Netflix finally lets users disable Post-Play feature

As promised, Netflix now lets you turn off its forced auto-advancing feature when watching streaming TV shows. Huzzah, I say.