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mark zuckerberg mwc keynote2 primary

Mark Zuckerberg wants to friend the whole world via

Facebook's CEO took the stage at Mobile World Congress to discuss his initiative, which aims to get the entire population of Earth online.

BBM coming to Windows Phone, Nokia X

The messaging service will be available on the phones this summer



Nokia's Android phones are nothing like the Android you're used to

If you were looking for an Android-y Windows Phone experience, however, this might be up your alley.


Nokia's low-end Android phone is actually happening

And there are three of them: The Nokia X, X+, and XL.


xperia z2

Xperia Z2 leads a parade of mobile announcements from Sony

Besides the new version of its flagship phone, Sony also unveiled a new Xperia Z2 Tablet and the mid-range Xperia M2 handset. Sony didn't say when the Z2 phone and tablet will launch in the US.

lg gpro2 4

Hands-on with LG's phablet-size G Pro 2 and shrunken G2 Mini

A really big phone crashes the Mobile World Congress party in Barcelona.

hp elitepad 1000 g2

HP ships first 64-bit Windows 8.1 tablets with Intel Atom

HP's ElitePad 1000 G2 will ship worldwide in March for $739.99

mwc primaryreszied

Wearables, phones, and tablets: what to expect from MWC 2014

Samsung, LG, and Sony have a few tricks up their sleeves, and everybody under the sun is going to debut a new wearable device.

ubuntu phones

First Ubuntu phones to launch in 2014

Chinese phone makers BQ and Meizu will make the first handsets

samsung s5

Report: Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint sensor unlocks more than mere lock screens

Forget about eye scans, Samsung's next Galaxy S smartphone could offer a number of different ways to use your fingerprints.