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Zero Point

Interview: VR movie pioneer on the challenges and future of virtual reality filmmaking

Danfung Dennis started his company Condition One because he thinks virtual reality filmmaking is the future—but it's not without some challenges. Interview inside.

Ip Man

10 classic Asian action films streaming on Netflix

From Hong Kong to Japan, these martial arts movies bring plenty of action, and beautiful storytelling too.


How Popcorn Time could be the Napster of the film industry

Popcorn Time and torrents prove that people don't want to wait to get movies legally. Maybe the players involved should sell them that early access.

jack sparrow

Even after settlement, YouTube remains a pirate's paradise

Don't think that the Viacom-YouTube piracy settlement means all the free Hollywood movies have disappeared from YouTube. Far from it.

veronica mars crop

Warner Bros offers refunds for Veronica Mars Kickstarter backers that hate Ultraviolet

Instead of using Ultraviolet, backers can buy though iTunes or Amazon and get a full rebate.


Popcorn Time returns under new management

Popcorn Time, the "Netflix for pirates," is back after the original team gave up on the project, presumably due to legal pressures.


GameFly experiments with movie rentals

Watch out, Netflix - the biggest game rental service around is experimenting with movies.

ns cover

And the nominees aren't: 10 underrated streaming films overlooked by Oscar

The Academy Awards are on March 2, and these 10 overlooked guilty pleasures will be nowhere near. You should watch 'em anyway.

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6 Academy Award nominees to stream on Netflix

Catch up on this year's Oscar nominees before the ceremony in March, and stream some notable winners from recent years too.

Rachel Getting Married

10 classic films to stream for free on Crackle

From works by legendary directors to films featuring Oscar-nominated acting performances, these ten streaming movies are worth your time and more than worth their low cost of zero dollars.