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Totally rad films from the '80s and '90s on Netflix

You might have watched them on Betamax or even Laserdisc. (Remember Laserdisc?) Now they're on Netflix on every screen you have.

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Google Play Movies now available in more than 20 new countries

Now available in 90 countries across the globe.


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10 streaming films perfect for summer: Just add popcorn

The lazy days of a brand-new summer call for some new movies in your Netflix queue.

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Beyond Netflix and Hulu: 4 worthwhile movie streaming services

Netflix and Hulu Plus aren't the only games in town for movie buffs. We've found a few other film-streaming sites that use curation to stand out from the crowd.

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Let Godzilla and other classic movie monsters attack your eyeballs this weekend

We found the big lizard and some his monster pals streaming on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Crackle.


Batter up: Movies about baseball and life, streaming on Netflix

Time to indulge in America's pastimes: Baseball, sure, but also watching movies.

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5 classic films to stream for free on YouTube

From John Wayne to Alfred Hitchcock, the public domain films on YouTube are free to watch and free from guilt.

Touch of Sin

10 international movies just added to Netflix

Think globally, but veg out on your couch locally.

Zero Point

Interview: VR movie pioneer on the challenges and future of virtual reality filmmaking

Danfung Dennis started his company Condition One because he thinks virtual reality filmmaking is the future—but it's not without some challenges. Interview inside.

Ip Man

10 classic Asian action films streaming on Netflix

From Hong Kong to Japan, these martial arts movies bring plenty of action, and beautiful storytelling too.