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Hands on with Carousel for Dropbox, your new mobile photo hub

Dropbox's new photo service is almost exactly like your phone's native photo app--only better.

firechat icon

"Off the grid" messaging service FireChat launches on Android

Keep your conversations hidden by directly connecting to your friends, without utilizing a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


vine messages

Vine makes video-sharing more private with Messages update

Messaging apps are all the rage, but can Vine succeed where Instagram Direct faltered?

firechat primary

How FireChat is using an obscure iOS feature to change messaging

A new texting app is using peer-to-peer networking to take bad cell reception and Wi-Fi congestion out of the equation.

Facebook Messenger update upgrades group chat features

Party-planning and family chat-fests get easier with a separate Groups tab.

wickr logo

Wickr wants to spread its spy-level encryption to your favorite games and apps

The encrypted messaging app is selling its security tools to other companies to make money—and to make your information safer.

whatsapp ios

WhatsApp wants to "set the record straight" on privacy under Facebook

The messaging app released an app update and a statement on Monday to appease concerned users.

Facebook kills Messenger for Windows

A Messenger app for Windows Phone is reportedly still in the works.


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PhoneTag Messenger targets the Snapchat crowd with cutesy messaging

It's kind of like a walkie-talkie, but with photos!

Clockwise Podcast 26: High on Google Glass

Nokia forks Android, but should Microsoft? Google lobbies to let you wear Google Glass while you drive. Apple's SSL bug makes us question our Internet security. And how WhatsApp will help Facebook take over the developing world.