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LG Optimus G Pro

LG may go big with next Optimus G Pro

If the rumors are true, the G Pro 2 will feature a bigger screen and LTE-Advanced connectivity -- and a lot of ground to make up with the Galaxy Note.

lg gflex

AT&T sets $300 price for curved, wrinkly-displayed G Flex phone

Despite reports of wrinkly displays, the G Flex will be in consumers hands starting next month.

lg gflex

There's the rub: LG's curved G Flex phone might have bumps in display

LG says the display's wrinkles won't affect performance and can be gently rubbed out.

samsung 8gbit lpddr4 mobile dram

Five components that will rock your next smartphone

Processors, memory, screens and sensors are all getting an upgrade, giving you a preview of what to expect from 2014's flagship phones.

lg webos poster

Hands on with LG's webOS TV

Featured at last week's CES show, LG's webOS televisions aggregate live and on-demand content into a single, easy to navigate interface.

4k vizio p series straighton ces2014

The TVs of CES: Smarter, curved, and in gorgeous 4K that finally clicks

The TV companies at CES insist this really is the year of 4K and smart interfaces you'll actually want to use. And from what we've seen, we tend to agree—as long as the price is right.

lg gflex

LG's curved G Flex is coming soon to a carrier near you

The flexible, Android-based smartphone will be available this quarter from Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

lg oled tv gallery

LG's curved 4K OLED TVs coming to CES

Display makers are still struggling to reliably produce OLED screens at screen sizes large enough for televisions

lg webos tv

LG's webOS-based smart TV revealed in leaked image

WebOS's fourth -- count 'em, fourth! -- lease on life ditches mobile devices for flat screens.