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lego fusion town

Lego Fusion Town Master review: It's like The Sims with Legos

Build a town, complete missions, and keep your little yellow citizens smiling with this clever game that mixes low-tech bricks with a high-tech app for phones and tablets.

lego fusion create race

Lego Fusion lets kids build a videogame world with real-life Lego bricks

Build a town, defend a tower, race a car, but above all, use your imagination.

Lego Fusion lets kids create videogames with real Legos

If you build it, fun will come.

These Lego Nintendo 64 Transformers will make you regret giving Lego sets away

Put aside any Lego project you're working on now and check out these slick Nintendo 64-come-robot Transformer models.

Lego and Arduino come together to make one powerful RC car

A high-schooler built an RC car out of Lego kits, Arduino boards and other electronic parts—and shows you how you can make your own.

3D-printed art connects with Lego bricks in this artistic birdhouse

Are Lego bricks too straight and blocky for you? Bird House is a new Lego Cuusoo project that turns Lego into artistic twig birdhouses.

Back to the Future Lego set shifts into drive as its release nears

You will soon be able to get yours hands on a Lego model of the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. Sadly, it won't be able to go 88 miles per hour.

Meet the guy who built a Lego microscope that actually works

If you or your kids want to learn about biology while having fun, make a microscope out of Lego. Carl Merriam did.

Sharknado takes the world by storm, gets rewarded with a Lego recreation

Yep, you read that right: One guy made a Lego rendition of the most ridiculous movie of the year.

Legobot is a DIY 3D printer made entirely from Lego bricks

While this Lego 3D printer isn't exactly a MakerBot, it does let you make sugary candy and stickers for cheap...

Lego wedding dress looks even more uncomfortable than a regular wedding dress

Many women go crazy when picking their dream wedding dress as they try to find something unique. This Lego wedding dress might be the most unique of them all.