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The Binge-Watch List: Law & Order SVU (Summer Viewing Unit)

Looking for a show to fill those long summer evenings? You can sample all 343 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit via Hulu.

wayne's world

10 streaming films perfect for summer: Just add popcorn

The lazy days of a brand-new summer call for some new movies in your Netflix queue.

sailor moon gallery

The Binge-Watch List: Sailor's delight

Sailor Moon has arrived on Hulu, remastered and with all-new English subtitles. Monty Ashley explains why it's worth streaming an episode or two.

ns godzillacover

Let Godzilla and other classic movie monsters attack your eyeballs this weekend

We found the big lizard and some his monster pals streaming on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Crackle.

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Hands on with PlayOn and PlayLater, an iffy media server

PlayOn and PlayLater put more of Hulu and other web video on your TV, well, when they work anyway.


The 20 best Chromecast apps, and counting

Google's $35 streaming stick is quickly catching up to boxes like Apple TV and Roku as more and more apps add support.

hulu full episode

Hulu will bring free, full TV episodes to mobile users, along with ads

Previously, you had to be a Hulu Plus subscriber to watch full episodes of shows. Starting this summer, mobile users will be able to watch ad-supported episodes, just like you can on the Web.


Hulu ramps up VPN blocking

Streaming video site builds a bigger fence to keep non-U.S. users out.

deadbeat gallery

The Binge-Watch List: Deadbeat shows signs of life

Find out which streaming TV shows are worth your time in our latest column. We kick things off with Deadbeat, the Hulu Plus show about a weed-smoking layabout who happens to see dead people.