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Google reportedly launching a Nexus-branded set-top box

Google may be taking another stab at the living room, with the Nexus brand as the point of the spear.

Google TV RIP

Google reportedly will kill Google TV so that Android TV may live

Google will reportedly transition away from Google TV and introduce the name Android TV.

New Sony Bravia Smart Stick donglefies Google TV

It's like Chromecast, only more potent and five times the cost.

Review: Google's Chromecast puts (most of) the Internet on your TV on the cheap

The Chromecast is cross-platform, flexible, and incredibly cool. Browsing the Web on your TV finally makes sense.

Google TV

Chromecast announcement doesn't kill Google TV, swears Google

The launch of the already popular Chromecast doesn't signal that Google will kill Google TV, the search giant said.

Hands-on: Google's Chromecast is (almost) ready for prime time

It's a little prone to crashes, but when it works (which is most of the time), it delivers a blockbuster experience.

Review: Asus Cube is a capable, but flawed, Google TV set-top box

Asus' Cube set-top box delivers streaming media, Google apps, and cloud storage at a reasonable price, but has some usability issues.

Google TV

Asus ships Cube Internet streaming device with Google TV

Asustek ships its Google TV streaming device called Cube, which will become available starting this week for $140.

Cord-cutting's moment is now, and Apple is missing it

Apple, which has anticipated this moment for so long, still doesn’t seem quite ready for it.

Asus Qube will stream Google TV, offer motion control (video)

An Android-based black box from Asus promises to bring Google TV to any HDTV.