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sugarlab 2

ChefJet 3D printer is the sweetest thing we saw at CES

Think 3D printing is just for plastic knick-knacks? Think again. This one lets you print delicious sweets. Want.

This cuddly, snuggly, high-tech therapy robot saved our CES

Need a hug? Paro the baby harp seal is happy to oblige. But this is no toy—it's a sophisticated medical device for when traditional therapy animals aren't a practical option.

pioneer cyclometer handelabrs

Pioneer's Cycling Sports system tracks serious data for serious cyclists

What would you do with 199 different metrics about your bike ride? If you're salivating over the possibilities, Pioneer's Cycling Sports line of gear might be for you.

powerup flies like planes

The PowerUp 3.0 is not your grandpa’s paper airplane

This Bluetooth powered device clips to your paper airplane and lets you control if from your smartphone. Yep.

Biohazard lab makes a communicator Jean-Luc Picard might recognize

It's lonely wearing a containment suit, and loud too. New communicator badges right out of Star Trek will be a boon to research.

Made in Oakland: How one city turned into an art and maker mecca

The Oakland maker scene is leading city-level change that will affect the future landscape of Oakland for industrial artists, small local businesses, and even the future of manufacturing in the Bay Area.

Mens Amplio is a Burning Man project that turns your thoughts into pyrotechnics

The Mens Amplio is larger-than-life interactive art piece that translates your thoughts into LED lighting and fiaaaah.

DIY biohackers play with bacteria at Genspace, a community science lab

GeekTech visits Genspace, a community biolab that opens it doors to non-scientist types who want to get into biotechnology and biohacking.

Emerging Objects has big, bold plans for 3D-printed rooms

A small Oakland-based company is out to make things out of wood, ceramic, newspaper, and even cement—and build structures with it, too.

Gizmo uses augmented reality to bring greeting cards into the 21st century

If you ever wanted a greeting card with a difference, check out the upcoming augmented reality Gizmo cards.