Don't-Miss Stories

These Lego Nintendo 64 Transformers will make you regret giving Lego sets away

Put aside any Lego project you're working on now and check out these slick Nintendo 64-come-robot Transformer models.

Here’s the entire cast of Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed into real life

As Barret Wallace would say, "!@#$%^&*!!" Here’s the entire Final Fantasy 7 rendered into blocky, low-polygon reality thanks to 3D printing.

Spiri is a flying robotic development platform for your dreams of global domination

If your human friends are unwilling to join you on your adventures, the programmable Spiri might be right up your alley.

This guy wants to build a TARDIS for a good cause, and you can help

This lifelike TARDIS project keeps charity in mind, aiming to bring Doctor Who magic to everyone.

Shark, attacked: Tracker robot hunts sharks to understand their behavior

If you see this strange robot lurking in coastal waters, an actual shark probably isn't far away either.

Yogy the robot puts the power of Arduino in the hands of kids

This Arduino robot might not clean your floors, but it's a great starting point for any aspiring makers.

This cake looks like the planet Jupiter, is much too cool to eat

For your next birthday, perhaps you should ask a loved one to make a spherical Jupiter cake, compete with the planet's internal layers.

3D printing is coming to a UPS Store near you

After acquiring MakerBot, Stratasys makes its first consumer 3D printing push by partnering with UPS.

Here's what Super Mario Bros. might look like as a modern game

Deloix's modern interpretation of the original Super Mario Bros. isn't a total overhaul, but it might be enough to make you wish for a remake.

Augmented reality blocks let you play with the elements without goggles or gloves

This augmented reality app in the works will let you see the result of chemical reactions without losing your eyebrows. Whew.