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dice awards

DICE Awards recap: The Last of Us mops up at gaming's Oscars

The Last of Us' domination was a victory of Seahawks-esque proportions, but did it really deserve all those awards?

double helix game logo

Amazon gobbles up game developer Double Helix Games, maker of Killer Instinct

The Internet retailer said the acquisition is part of its efforts to build innovative games for customers

everquest next landmark logo

Everquest Next Landmark's Admin Mode is the best sandbox you'll never play in

Everquest Next Landmark is poised to potentially shake up the stagnant MMO industry, but it's the features you won't see that I miss most.


EVE: Valkyrie's awe-inspiring VR space combat named Oculus Rift launch exclusive

Space dogfighting has never been so immersive as it is in EVE: Valkyrie, and CCP's killer VR demo has been gobbled up by Oculus Rift.


lollipop3 logo banner

You Should Play: Lollipop 3 and the Eggs of Doom

This game has just the right amount of WTF.

Steam Music

Valve's Steam Music will let you game to your jams

Valve's adding yet another beta to its Steam games service - this time, an integrated local music player. Let the bodies hit the floor indeed.


ouya 16gb

Redesigned 16GB Ouya console is the most modest of upgrades

Ouya really wants you to give its microconsole another chance, but we're not so sure you should listen.

steam controller 1160

Missing Pieces: Wrapping up the week's must-know gaming news

From the Madden Bowl to a free Zelda game to the largest, most costly virtual space battle in history, this is the gaming news you may have missed this week.


Dark Souls II preview: I died 8 times in an hour and loved it

The sequel to the legendarily tough Dark Souls is just as difficult and just as fun—but not QUITE as dark.

glass classic sunglasses

Google demos play up the gaming potential of Glass

The Google-made gaming demos look fun, if simple. But where's Ingress?