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shutterstock weed meme

Eat24 receives honorary strain of weed, because of course

Whoa, crazy promotion, man. Chill out while I explain it 'cause it's gonna, like, blow your mind.

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With these Android apps, you'll never again pay full price when eating out

Harness the power of the purse with these discount services, designed to get you the most meal for your buck at restaurants and take-out.


Food on the Table

Food on the Table makes meal-planning and grocery shopping a piece of cake

If the three little words you most dread to hear are, "What's for dinner?" you need this free app on your iOS or Android phone.

yummly screenshot

Smart recipe app Yummly expands its palate, launches on iPad

It's kind of like Spotify -- but with food. Yummly recommends recipes based on your personal tastes.


Pizza Hut dreams of interactive tables for elusive dine-in restaurants

You'll never have to talk to a waiter again, though you'll definitely want to wash your hands before eating.

google menu

Google's latest search feature lets you know what's cooking

Type "Show me the menu for" in front of the name of a restaurant, and your Google search results will now let you know what's for dinner.

taco bell

Taco Bell experiments with mobile ordering, payments for your next run to the border

Finally, a way to get Gorditas while keeping social interaction to a minimum.

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Five nutrition apps for a healthy New Year

It's New Year's Day, and while we're not yet capable of coherent speech, we do want this year to healthier, fitter, and more nutritious. These apps will help you eat better...starting tomorrow.

hilarious recipe sites

Bust a gut: The 5 most deliciously hilarious cooking sites of all time

You can't eat laughter. But if you could, these sites would make you totally fat.

Thanksgiving Hell

Be thankful for all the apps that will make Thanksgiving less horrible

Travel headaches? Cooking anxieties? Keeping family dysfunctions in check? Thankfully there's an app for that.