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How to hide text from NSA's automated surveillance

To keep supercomputers from reading your email, use a font the robots can't read.

Responsive text by way of face detection

Experimental website adjusts font size based on your proximity to the screen

Web designer Marko Dugonjic is experimenting with using your webcam as a way to serve responsive web content, namely text that changes size depending on how close you are to your screen.

Digital Reading Room: Expert advice

The iPad doesn't automatically make you an expert on a diverse array of subjects. But the apps we feature in this week's column put expertise on classical music, evolution, and graphic design right at your fingertips.

Designers Respond to Adobe's Acquisition of Nitobi, TypeKit

Creatives at Adobe's MAX 2011 event in Los Angeles respond to Adobe's purchase of two highly-regarded web platforms.

TypeDrawing for iPad

Like its predecessor on the iPhone, this font-driven drawing app offers a lot of fun and can produce some nice-looking images on the tablet's large screen.