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Interactive Election 2012 coverage that wowed us

Interactive maps, apps, and great video created 2012 online election coverage that impressed Internet users. Here are some sites that did exceptionally well.

5 Facebook Pages and Apps for Election Day

Still undecided about who to vote for? Want the latest information and results from the campaign trail? Here's a look at five Facebook apps and pages dedicated to the 2012 presidential election.

Election 2012: Where Obama and Romney stand on tech issues

Curious about where the candidates stand regarding SOPA, PIPA, cybersecurity, and Internet management? Here's what Obama and Romney have said about those issues.

Tweet, like, and vote: Social media in modern campaigns

Armed with a savvy social media presence, Claire McCaskill battles Todd Akin in Missouri’s tight Senate race. Meanwhile, Ralph Hall sticks to more traditional methods for his congressional race in Texas.

Electoral tech: How e-voting has evolved

Many states have adopted electronic voting machines, but technology isn't advanced enough yet for Internet elections.

Election apps for the educated voter

Use these mobile apps and web services to find your poll location, read up on the issues, and sort fact from fantasy in popular campaign ads.