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The highest-end Micro Four Thirds camera in Panasonic's stable has fast focus speeds, built-in Wi-Fi, and advanced video capabilities.

Sony brings a full-frame sensor to its SLT line with the Alpha A99

The translucent-mirror Sony Alpha SLT-A99 is the company's new flagship DSLR, with a full-frame CMOS sensor and specs that should impress photographers and videographers alike.

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Use the Aperture to Control the Background in a Photo

Your camera's aperture setting gives you creative control over the look and feel of your photos--learn how to use it properly.

5 Steps for Great Action Photos

Freeze the action, but blur the background with panning--a professional technique for awesome photos.

Hands-On With Sony's New Alpha A37 and Alpha NEX-F3

Sony's latest interchangeable-lens cameras offer a lot of unique features for $600 as a kit, including fast burst shooting, manual video controls, and impressive in-camera AI.

The best camera bargains right now

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Three-Minute Tech: Aperture and shutter controls

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CameraTron 2000: A choose-your-own-adventure camera selector

Everybody wants to know what kind of camera they should buy. This choose-your-own-adventure-style decision tree will help narrow down your options based on your budget and your photography style.