Don't-Miss Stories

Arduino's first robotics kit is here, and it's a seriously mean open-source machine

It’s finally here! Arduino brings out its first-ever robot kit on wheels, and it’s on sale now!

Raspberry Pi goes to space, brings back photos of Earth

Raspberry Pi takes a trip to space, snaps photos of Earth, returns to terra firma.

Old computers perform Skrillex remix, bring dubstep back to its natural habitat

Even if you don't like Skrillex terribly much, you're probably going to love this particular rendition of "Bangarang."

A high school student just built a submarine that really dives underwater

Justin Beckerman, a New Jersey teen, built a homemade submersible that can dive 30 feet underwater.

This DIY camera has 20 lenses, can take a massive pile of photos in one shot

Forget Lomography cameras: Check out this DIY lensed pinhole camera that takes 20 photos simultaneously in a shot.

NYU ITP's Spring Show is a techno-art explosion of creativity

Get a look at some of the best creations from what might be the most awesome Ph.D program you'll fund anywhere.

How does the world’s first full-color 3D printer work? We ask its creators

We talk to botObjects co-founders Mike Duma and Martin Warner and learn more on the first-full color 3D printer.

Salvage that busted Nintendo console with Raspberry Pi and some Lego bricks

It's one thing to have an Nintendo emulator running on your computer, and it's another thing entirely when you rip the innards out of a broken NES, replace it with a Raspberry Pi and convert the original box into a fully functional emulator.

Forget getting a new tablet, build a DIY Etch A Sketch for your (inner) kid

It's one thing to build your own DIY Etch A Sketch, it's another thing entirely to make it based on a review of the patent—which is what Steve Hoefer did.

Light up her face (and finger) with this LED engagement ring

The light-up engagement ring is one a geek girl would dream of, and you could build it yourself!