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MakerBot gets bought out, but don't expect major changes (yet)

MakerBot is perhaps the best-known purveyor of 3D printers—and it now has a new owner. The company announed Wednesday that it has agreed to be acquired by Stratasys, a maker of commercial-grade 3D printers.

Autoloop is a digital-analog synthesizer with a robot drummer that rocks out

MB Labs’ Autoloop is funktastic digital-analog synthesizer that comes with a robotic drum kit.

This 3D-printed mechanical computer puts both old and new tech to good use

One engineer tries to build the simplest kind of computer possible, using nuts, bolts and 3D printed parts

Terrify your friends and family with homemade animatronic eyes made with Arduino

You know those paintings that show up in nearly every episode of Scooby Doo that follow the gang with suspiciously active eyes as they pass by? How would you like to create your own animatronic eyes and be basically the best neighbor on the block this October?

Lego Segway is the nerdiest way to roll around

Stop everything you’re doing and check out this Lego Segway Simon Burfield built.

DigiX is an inexpensive, powerful Arduino-compatible board with onboard Wi-Fi

Supporting all existing Arduino Due libraries and even shields, but coming with onboard Wi-Fi and nearly 100 i/o pins, the DigiX makes me wonder why you’d bother with a Due in the first place.

UDOO is quad-core computer-on-a-stick that also does everything Arduino

The UDOO is a mini computer board does everything: Android, Linux, Arduino. It slices, it dices…you get the idea.

Build the ultimate Intel Haswell PC for under $1000

Upgrading to Intel's hot new Haswell processor requires a brand-new motherboard, so why not build an awesome new PC while you're at it?


This custom-designed Portal-themed bedroom would make Chell proud

Video game-themed bedrooms are nothing new, but this one really caught our attention.