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Move over, Google car; this is a smartphone-powered self-driving Power Wheels

Australian students develop an autonomous, self-driving Power Wheels car powered by a single smartphone and camera sensor.

The Fairywren board turns your Raspberry Pi into a full-fledged desktop computer

Fairywren is perfect for converting your Raspberry Pi into a Mini-ITX computer.

Make a DIY ‘Matrix’ bullet time shot with a ceiling fan and a GoPro

One guy built a homemade bullet time rig using just a ceiling fan and a GoPro camera.

Let your dog become master of the house with a bark-enabled back door

Give your dog the power to do its business without your aid with a Raspberry Pi unlocking door.

waving 3d printed octopus

How to own (and love) a 3D printer

Your new 3D printer is sitting in the box just waiting for your attention. What do you do? How do you start? What do you need to know? Take a deep breath. There, now read on.

Wood you kindly Lego of my homemade cable car?

A group of students in Switzerland have combined Lego Mindstorms, lasers, and a PlayStation 3 controller in order to create a ridiculously awesome cable car for a school project.

$50 camera rig is the cheapest DIY 3D scanning system around

How much does a 3D scanning rig cost? One DIYer built his own for just $50 using a single hacked camera.

Play Tetris on this LED-equipped tie and leave onlookers puzzled

Tetris and tech combine to bring you this snazzy 8-bit DIY tie. Fancy!

As it turns out, yoga balls make the perfect Katamari Damacy interface

Forget the PlayStation controller, play Katamari Damacy the way it was meant to be played - with a ball.