Don't-Miss Stories

Here’s the entire cast of Final Fantasy VII 3D-printed into real life

As Barret Wallace would say, "!@#$%^&*!!" Here’s the entire Final Fantasy 7 rendered into blocky, low-polygon reality thanks to 3D printing.

Mens Amplio is a Burning Man project that turns your thoughts into pyrotechnics

The Mens Amplio is larger-than-life interactive art piece that translates your thoughts into LED lighting and fiaaaah.

DIY biohackers play with bacteria at Genspace, a community science lab

GeekTech visits Genspace, a community biolab that opens it doors to non-scientist types who want to get into biotechnology and biohacking.

Yogy the robot puts the power of Arduino in the hands of kids

This Arduino robot might not clean your floors, but it's a great starting point for any aspiring makers.

DIY iPad screen replacement: It saves money, but it's not for the faint of heart

Why pay someone to fix your broken iPad screen when you can just do it yourself? (Because it might be hard and not work well, but that's another story.)

Replacing your iPad screen

If you crack your iPad screen and are out of warranty, it's going to cost you a bundle to get it fixed. Or, you could try it yourself. The intrepid Macworld Lab attempted to repair an iPad 2, and here's how it went.

Attention, klutzes: This self-balancing skateboard lets you pretend to be Tony Hawk

John Dingley's skateboard balances with your movement, so even falling could look like a hip new trick.

Lego and Arduino come together to make one powerful RC car

A high-schooler built an RC car out of Lego kits, Arduino boards and other electronic parts—and shows you how you can make your own.

3D-printed art connects with Lego bricks in this artistic birdhouse

Are Lego bricks too straight and blocky for you? Bird House is a new Lego Cuusoo project that turns Lego into artistic twig birdhouses.

Water-cooled Raspberry Pi looks hot, runs cool

In today’s hardcore Raspberry Pi project, James Couzens machines his own badass water-cooling rig for the computer-on-a-stick.

Rainbow LED panel gives you an excuse to dance on tables, walls, or ceilings

Check out this RGB LED project that's done right. Better still, you can make it too!