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TechHive robot Blipp storms CES 2013

Our official TechHive robot Blipp went everywhere at CES 2013. Here's a look at his wild ride.

The geekiest stuff we saw at CES 2013

For techies like ourselves, CES is the Greatest Show on Earth (P.T. Barnum, eat your heart out). So trust us when we tell you these are the things from CES that you don’t want to miss. You’ll thank us later.

The biggest trends spotted at CES 2013

From 4k HDTV to Blu-ray resurgence to smart refrigerators to cool PCs and more. Here is a round-up of our trend stories from CES 2013.

Magellan heads in a different direction with SmartGPS device

Shipping later this spring, the standalone GPS unit will pull data from Yelp and Foursqure to give you relevant location-based information. And it's part of a cloud-based approach that integrates your mobile device.

CES 2013 Sizzle - CES 2013

A lot happened at CES this year and here are some of the highlights from our coverage.

Combat Creatures Attacknids - CES 2013

You know what’s hard to do? Stand out at CES, a several-mile wide convention area filled with loud noises and seizure-friendly visuals. Combat Creatures did just that, though, with their big arachnid legs, ultra-old-school sound effects, and refreshingly physical robot combat. Imagine taking Battlebots and throwing it in your living room.Combat Creatures Attacknids - CES 2013

Loksak is a waterproof way to transport your tablet (video)

Loksak’s line of hermetically sealed smartphone sleeves and protective shields may have been designed for the Special Forces, but you get some for your own gear.

mRobo shows off dance moves that far surpass my own (video)

Tosy's mRobo robot can dance like no other, and brings his own speakers too.

CES gets pretty with this fingernail-painting machine (video)

Officially called a “nail imaging system,” the printer from Tat’z Nail’z comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 images that you can print onto your finger- and toenails.

E Ink's future foretold at CES: Next-gen will be high-res, support color (video)

Electrophoretic display maker shows prototype displays and dishes on what we can expect for your next e-reader display in the coming year.

Ford inks deal with app makers to pipe content and navigation tools to drivers

New apps to look forward to in your SYNC AppLink-connected car.

4K TV faces a long road to the mainstream (video)

Jason Snell walked the CES show floor looking at 4K TVs. He saw a clear picture, but not a clear path forward for the format.