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Asus Padfone X

AT&T reveals Asus Padfone X specs, but no price or release date

The phone-tablet hybrid is getting closer to its U.S. debut.


nexus 7 dock1

Wired, wireless docks turn Nexus 7 tablet into productivity machine

While the Nexus 7 works best as an entertainment tablet, a new dock allows you to get some work done.


Nexus 10: Sold out on Google Play, refresh coming soon?

We'll likely be seeing a refresh of Google's 10-inch stock Android tablet sometime soon. That's what the rumors say, anyway.

Asus Duet

Asus Duet hybrid swaps between Android and Windows with the push of a button

Laptop/tablet hybrid packs a 13.3-inch HD display, a Core i7 processor, and oodles of storage.

Asus Padfone X

Asus PadFone X smartphone-tablet hybrid coming to the U.S. via AT&T

Long-time PC and tablet mainstay finally brings a smartphone to the United States market—and it's full of Asus' trademark quirkiness.

Asus' funky PadFone tablet-smartphone hybrid hitting the U.S.this spring

The details are murky, but one thing is certain: The PadFone is FINALLY coming to the U.S.

Apple drops to second place in J.D. Power tablet satisfaction

For the first time, the iPad has fallen off the top of the customer satisfaction charts, beaten out by none other than Samsung. And it's exactly for the reason you might guess.

Toshiba Encore tablet with Windows 8.1 and Bay Trail (2)

Bay Trail tablets with Windows 8.1 will hit stores next week

The tablets, with starting prices from $299 to $350, include Dell’s Venue 8 Pro, Toshiba’s Encore, and Asustek’s Transformer Book T100.