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2014 fordfusion energi myford mobile app 1

This is your car on an iPhone: An app-driven road trip in the 2014 Ford Fusion Energi SE

It's not quite Candy Crush Saga, but the MyFord Mobile app that comes with this plug-in hybrid car helps you manage your charge, lock and unlock doors, and compete with other do-gooders for the greenest driving habits.

mixologyapps primary

Much more than mixology apps

There are 8500 apps that promise you 8500 cocktail recipes. Yawn. These aren’t them.

flighttrack primary

Staff Picks: FlightTrack 5 is a first-class flight tracking app

If you need to keep tabs on flights of your own or others, you can't do much better than FlightTrack 5. It looks great, is packed with features, and doesn't even charge you for extra bags.


acs tile matching

You Should Play: Another Case Solved

A tile-matching puzzle game with hours of playability.

anydo.all devices launches web client that syncs with your mobile app

Because managing your to-do lists is more fun from multiple devices.


5 free Daydream apps that put your charging phone to work

Don't let you phone sit idle while it's charging, make it display useful information.



Inside Bounden, the iPhone app that tricks you into dancing

You and a partner must move together to stay alive in this unconventional game.

Simon & Schuster's back catalog comes to Oyster and Scribd e-book subscriptions

Oyster and Scribd subscribers can now get access to an extensive catalog of works by popular authors including Stephen King and Jodi Picoult thanks to a new deal with Simon & Schuster.

moju timeline

Staff Picks: Moju adds some literal motion to stop-motion imagery

A quirky combination of Instagram and stop-motion imagery, Moju offers a quick way to create 24-frame animations and capture a bit more than static pictures have to offer.


streaming music gallery

5 streaming music services you might have overlooked

Sure, Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio all have their fans. But there's more than one way to stream your favorite tunes.